Recently I read Siddartha , a novel written by Herman Heese . This book is a masterpiece in many senses, contains deep insights and learning. I guess, many of you have already got a chance to go through this wonderful creation but who do not know, for them, giving here a brief description-

This is the story of a young Brahmin Siddartha ( not Buddha) and his search for enlightenment who denied accepting the knowledge of scriptures and religious texts. His discontent and quest propelled him in sensing the amiss in the sacred teaching and to discover it himself.  The restlessness inside him never let him settled on the paths which were shown by others and he always found his way out of conventions and conformity. He followed his heart and found joy and calmness not through knowledge but his experience.This journey is about taking his own path in life, living his story, and acquire wisdom from his own experiences. Though there are many takeaways one can find out from this book but the most important is knowledge is communicable but wisdom is not and one can get wisdom only by treading his/her own path .

My view 

Like Siddharth, the truth, interpretation, and experiences of each one of us are unique….when we dive inside us and employ our original senses deeply into anything, without any previous references, a discovery happens…. sometimes even an invention. The splendid isolation of eons has resulted in this huge diversity and myriad tangible and intangible entities.

If I juxtapose this book with the world as we know it today, one takeaway is that too much of knowledge, awareness, and references have robbed us of our innate abilities of self-consciousness. Our deep connection with ourselves has been severed in this overly globalized world. Excess information and quick solutions about everything, often prevent us to sip the authentic elixir.

We lose originality and the ability to have fresh perspectives and experiences because of too much knowledge. it’s like everyone is having the attitude of been there, done that already. So a Buddha or even great philosophers and scientists like Newton, Kanaad, Bhaskaracharya, Einstein, Galileo , Stephen Hawking or Vivekananda had not seen much,they perhaps gave something original to the world, because they delved deeper inside without simply taking references. However, many who took references and rephrased the things in the context , also gained prominence by  repackaging  the old things in a slightly better packing .

In fact, most of humanity is a follower and generally keep secondhand opinion about anything or try to become someone instead of exploring their uniqueness. Today , most people want quick-fix solutions. They search on the internet  , they read in books because they are unwilling to dig deeper, to root of the problem the real problem.  But there are few who derive a viewpoint from their first-hand experience, not based on what others tell . In giving the concept of relativity ( Einstein), Gravity ( Newton), Alternating current( Tesla)and making an android phone or simply giving the concept of fiber optics in no less revolutionary a concept than what Buddha or Mahavira gave about life and peace. They are also Buddha in their own rights.

Originals are always many notches above….and that can be something rare, profound, and always within.

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