Crying out in the rain

Falling drops, going insane

Up and down I race

Down the streets, water on my face

Here and there and near the stairs

No sound heard, like a tiger’s lair

Cry I did, screaming “just isn’t fair”

On and on and on it came, it tears

Me apart to say it but I don’t care

Quieter I grow

Sound reaches a new low

Armageddon’s not today

Nothing I hear at all

Except silence

Just silence, no more sound

I walk all the way around

Just my footsteps

Leave me speechless

No sound to be heard

Nowhere to hide

There’s just silence inside

And outside

I could hear a pin drop

But there isn’t one

Nothing to be heard

Fifty people next to me

Each one looking at me pityingly

Mouths moving, but I can’t hear

Pitying looks, I’m not a blind seer

No help at all, silence still

Ignorance is bliss, sound is nil

Because all I hear is the sound of silence

Note: This is a rewrite. The original poem is by Hemanya, whom I got permission from for this endeavor.