“Shhh…… Do you hear that?”  I am pretty sure none of us do… 😊!

Silence has a unique language and an authentic sound, “naad” if you will, that usually we fail to recognize or attempt to learn. There is a quiet space amidst crowd, there is a deafening silence amidst noise – that only our inner self can sense, make sense and comprehend. That brings us to the only option to understand the beauty of silence – “to connect with the inner self”! That brings us to the question – “But how?” Just by being AWARE and MINDFUL! Simple!

Now that we know what we don’t know, we are AWARE.

Now that we know that we want to know, we are MINDFUL! 😊

Have you ever experienced or witnessed miracles in your life? Most of us might say “No” because we understand “miracle” to be grand, mighty, obvious, visible. Some of us might even immediately think of a movie we may have watched, in which, a form of God or Goddess appears from a big beam of light in front of a poor seeker in rags, grants him a boon and ‘BOOM’ he is now in colourful rich clothes with nicely groomed hair and while he walks up to his home, his humble hut has converted into this awesome huge palace with his family in sparkling clothes as well. When all this is happening, there is an energizing background music that starts from Sa (Shadjam) and slowly reaches to Pa (Panchamam) Dha (Dhaivatam) Ni (Nishaadam) and the next octave Sa (uchcha sthayi Shadjam) – the climax!!!! Sure, it is a miracle! But, in Kaliyug, as I am starting to understand now, miracles have become more trendy, quick, simple and mostly quiet.  The silent miracles that go UNSUNG (pun intended 😊)!

I can think of a few….

  • There is a beautiful creeper that crawls in front of our home. It looks wild but also beautiful at the same time. With heavy heart we had to trim the leaves and branches a bit so as to make the pathway usable. The next morning what do I see? The slender branch of the creeper (with God only knows what kind of natural intelligence) has reached out to a cycle that was parked a bit away, has encircled the handlebar and looking up with pride and smile! Silent miracle?
  • On a highway full of speeding vehicles and honking drivers, a dog crosses the road with such poise and calm, criss-crosses across vehicles to reach the other side of the road, so many times in a day. It’s just another day in her life – an invisible force walking her across the road to her pups! Silent miracle?
  • With non-stop dry cough that has been stubborn for weeks, I go to a mountain for a family vacation (cannot trade family time for the world eh!). Just when I am in the verge of breaking down just by the mere thought of how the cold climate can worsen my health, the mountain, the mother nature welcomes me into her lap with cool breeze, fresh air, clouds that pass through me, a breath-taking view, a teasing sun, an unforgettable sunrise and sunset amidst the trees topping the hills – and guess what? As I was swept off my feet with the love and care she drowned me with, I did not notice something that was happening in the side – I have not been coughing ever since! Silent miracle?

I can go on and on and on… but decided to stop with an example each with a plant, an animal and a human 😊

I still have a hangover from the “The Rainmaker” for those who have read that amazing book by now. So, you know what I mean when I say what I say.

There are miracles all around us, every single moment.

We see… we hear… we talk… we listen… we smile… we cry… I wonder how…

but there is always… always… something more… to everything than meets the eye…

Memories of past… imagination of future… why don’t we “be” in the here and now…

Why don’t we share the joy and raise the hope… instead of frown and sigh…

I invite you to share the silent miracles that YOU have experienced or witnessed!!!

Either here in the comments section or in your blogs or wherever you write… or just speak with someone!!!

Just share the joy and raise the hope… and NOW will be a good time! 😊

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