This poem was written by me in pre-Corona times when life was rolling on without a pause and I was going through some really tough times. Everyday was same, waking up, going to University,  attending one hour long lectures from morning till evenings, hanging out with fake smiles and coming back home with tired face. 

To let the fresh air flow through my hair as well as through my life, I used to go to terrace to calm my mind, sit down silently and sometimes contemplate. One day Moon was full and beautiful and the breeze was soothing.  My feelings got frenzy and I penned down everything on a paper . I can only say that I may be the one who wrote it but the creator of the moon, the air, the earth and also of my mind, my words, my intellect and ofcourse me is none other than the almighty. So all praises to him and him only.  

Here is the poem: 

The air was cold, but fresh

When moon gazed at me and I gazed back

It was full and bright

Glorifying the cold wild night

I wanted to talk to this night beauty

But it was silent, maybe reflection of it’s tranquility

I just then realized

I need to feel what I have acquired

Far far away from the chaotic world

The shackles, that never let the silence to be heard

There was no one to judge

No people,no materials and no rush

This beauty and me had amazing chemistry

Maybe because we shared unheard mystery

The earth was moving I didn’t realize

The moon had got bit higher, to my surprise

The realities I was trying to escape

Told me that your fantasies has no place

So I just got up and said goodbye

Air was still cold and fresh

When moon gazed at me and I gazed back! 

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