Let me start by saying “Mere ko likna nahin aata”. I am going to try though, inspired by Swami’s story meditation is not enough.
Although there is this video playing in my head of Jackie Shroff saying “Oye dhakan chup Baith neka faltoo mein pakaneka nahi dooosron ko”.

I have had arthiritis for years tried all kind of supplements glucosamine chondroitin, egg shell membrane melaxocam, turmeric currcumin etc etc with very little relief. Someone told me ginger juice and turmeric.
So here is my recipe that has worked way better than any thing else. Fresh Ginger root and Fresh turmeric in equal proportions just wash them, don’t even take the skin off (Kachi adrak aur haldi) add a little bit of water mix it to a paste in the mixer. Now this ends up being extremely strong and acidic and might give you acidity and diarrhrea so add some apples and dates to it . My proportions are visually about 25% ginger 25 % turmeric 45% apples and 5% dates. It’s still strong and pungent but slowly your body gets used to it. My stomach cannot tolerate it before a meal so I generally have it after lunch and dinner generally drink a glass of water and have some saunf and little bit of mixed mukhvaas to soothe it .
2-3 big tablespoons after lunch and 1-2 after dinner.
It really works give it about 2-3 weeks .

It has given me more relief than anything else and I have given this recipe to few friends and it has worked without fail so please try it.

Also one more thing without going to lot of details I had severe neck and spine issues and severe narrowing of the foramen which caused me to have carpal tunnel and a pinched nerve and lot of neck and back pain. I was told to get surgery but then another doctor asked me to get physical therapy. Surgery seemed like the easy option but I resisted and even though the Physical Therapy was causing a lot of pain I was patient and did all the neck exercises. It seemed hopeless but 4 months later I have recovered and am able to swim do weights . Regular physical therapy, exercises, yoga, full body massages and there is this meditation technique that I don’t know the name but you concentrate and tense and relax every muscle , all these in combination worked.
What I have found with myself and my helping out my friends and relatives is the best thing to do is that there are so many videos by physical therapists on youtube for everything and if you follow them properly “Shiddath aur tapas se karo” regularly they work . You have to do this with mindfullness and really be in tune with and feel what is happening to your body and see how you feel after every session be mindfull, meditate do some breathing exercises and really feel and listen to your body, step back, slowly increase frequency intensity repetitions make slow adjustments and with time slowly slowly you get healed.
Again this has worked with a few friends and relatives.

This might seem like common sense and common knowledge to a lot of people but for me nothing worked all these years so just trying to help. If I can help even one single person then it is worth it.
One more thing you know how it says to comment and be kind. Please ignore that and criticize and critique my writing and give me suggestions to improve it.
I might have the best point to make but I have to know how to make it. The one thing I remember from Swamiji’s video’s is not to take things personally.


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