With just one liner answer  –


all my questions have been answered.  Really its as simple.   I have been trying it in diverse situations,  be it mundane,(social, financial)  intellectual,  spiritual…… – it fits in all situations.   And a sense of  complete  contentment and  peace surrounds me.

Swamiji made it understood that our account is  between me and God.  Be it anything.  And this account is handled by  Him most meticulously. And God,  being what He is,  never ever takes sides or makes any mistake.  Hence no need to think that why so and so did this or that in our life?  Why such and such situation happened in my life? Why I am denied of this or that? All questionmarks erased with just one line.  Everybody is simply a postman,  delivering what has come for us.

The day it sunk deep into my being,  all confusions vanished. Now  since all transactions,  worldly or otherwise, are between me and my God,  what is left to worry about? 😊 Even  the  painful results of our own past karmas have become a tapas now,  a ladder to climb and reach HOME.

Flowing with the flow has become so easy.


कर्म किये जा फल की इच्छा मत कर रे इंसान

जैसे कर्म करेगा वैसे फल देगा भगवान……. 🪔🪔🪔

So,  if someone is rude, dishonest, unjust,  and what not… with you,  no worries😊.  Its never between you and the person.  You just stick to your path,  rest will be taken care of. So simple it is.  Isn’t it!!! 

My God knows it all.

Jai shri hari


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