Simple is your heart
Sweet like honey
Soft like cotton
Pink like a lotus in bloom
Joyful like the parrots in Kadamabavan
Placid like the Mansarovar
shimmering at midnight.

Oh your divine heart
gentle as an old lullaby
strong as the earth
unbound as the sky
elemental as the origin of the universe
brilliance of a million suns
greatness of a billion galaxies.

O Master creator
You are the soul of this creation
of every animate inanimate reflection
O beloved of your bhaktas
beaming like the full moon
to your holy feet
those perfectly formed toes
I’ve lost my tongue.

The gateway to bliss
are the feet of the Lord
drawing a meditator deep
into the heart of samadhi
brief as it maybe for the ignorant such as me
O Awesome Bhagwan
You are simply magic.

Oh what are You who are You
can the mind ever grasp
Your splendour
Alas such glories
You are benediction of the Gods
O Grand Emperor
your unparalleled greatness we salute.

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