Is the tag line too much to digest?  Believe it or not, whenever I read about these millets this is the feeling I  get, an elixir for humans..

Before going further… My infinite salutations at your divine lotus feet Swamiji and immense gratitude 🙇‍♀️💐

I am not a Nutrition expert, nor am I endorsing any doctor or any product, just an attempt to share about something I came across recently, that could benefit many more..

Claim about benefits are too high, it cures auto immune disease, normalises bp, diabetes, even records of cancer being cured are to name a few. And very good  for aged people too. Only a very close evidence of a distant(😊) relative has made me think there may be some truth to these claims.

Almost a year back, one of my relatives who is around 40+ had to be admitted to hospital with serious heart condition, I don’t have much details of his condition as he is a distant relative. Doctor gave no hope, even if surgery was to be done. They thought only Dr Khader can save now, as they were watching his shows about Siridhanya and it’s benefits in tv for quite sometime.

Immediately they went to him, He suggested a strict diet to be followed for next one year. To keep it short, my relative is all hail and healthy, in an excellent health after following his diet.

The diet mainly was to avoid rice and wheat all together and only have Siridhanya as three times meal, and probably some more on tea, coffee etc.

What are these millets, what are it’s nutritional value, benefits etc please take some moment and Google it, or I will have to copy and paste from different websites 😅

Coming to our family, being a pure vegetarian, it was a big challenge to have enough protein and a proper healthy diet. My son who is 8and a half years, with extreme physical and mental activities🤯😳, I always felt I am not providing him with enough nutrition. Somehow I was never convinced about giving him the suppliments all the time. And, I have digestion issues, my husband has bp already at a very young age. I felt Siridhanya is answer to all of this and so why I have started preparing it for bf. And every time I made the millet breakfast I got a strict warning from my son not to prepare it again 😀

Many are making it as a staple diet, you can prepare most of the items just like rice and wheat.

There are many varieties of millet ,out of which,  5 millets are called positive millets and hence these are Siridhanya (siri means riches, opulence), listing them below

  1. Kodo millet – arka in kannada, kodra in hindi
  2. Foxtail millet – navane in kannada, kangni in hindi
  3. Little millet – Saame in kannada, kutki in hindi
  4. Barnyard millet – oodalu in kannada, jangora in hindi
  5. Browntop millet – korle in kannada, choti kangni in hindi

Millets that are not positive, once that are not listed above, will fall under other categories, such as nutral and negative millet, consuming them will not yield any benefit, so not going into details.

There are many recipes you can try, again Google please😊.. I have recently tried Bisibele bath and pulao, you may want to start experimenting with kodo millet first, I felt it is slightly more edible than the rest😊 .. 

Important thing to follow is, please soak it for atleast 8 hrs, generally recipe doesn’t mention about it. But it seems  health benefits are only by soaking for longer hours, so soak it overnight for a healthy,yummy(😑) breakfast.. 

I have just started, so I am yet to experience it’s health benefit. From my experience these are the few other things I would like to mention, 1 cup of millet will make it almost 3 cups of cooked millet, it is very very filling, you just need a cup of serving to keep you full till your lunch. You have to make it tastier by adding more spices probably, because of it’s texture. But once you get used to it, you will not go back to rice or roti(I am not there yet😛). Give it a try😊

Hope ashram menu and Swamiji’s diet will also include this soon😊

Take care all.

Ps: My small contribution for health (y) series by Sridevi Om ji and Manjula ji😊😊