An ecstatic dance

A fragrant body

The perfect rhythm of my breath

Entangled in thine


I bite my lips

An urge to taste those

Pinkest of the pink

Drenched in raw Himalayan honey


Smear my face with purple

Touch me gently

To wake my thirsty soul up

Take me in

So I merge within


The melodious silence

The brightest darkness

The sweetest taste

The sandalwood touch


An overwhelming madness

Has took me over

These eyes see

You and you all around

These ears hear

Your voice as the only sound


In your blissful ocean

Of Intoxicating Love

Let me drown

Let me drown

Let me drown


P.S. – This poem is just a work of Art. It’s an expression of a different kind of Love that one can feel towards a deity! In no ways I intend to hurt the Faith of anyone on this platform! And yes, it took a lot of time for me to gather up the courage and post this. Please tell me how you feel about the poem in the comments below. Thank you so much for supporting me and reading my poetry 🤗💞