My humble salutations at your divine lotus feet Swamiji 🙇‍♀️💐

(This was written few years back when my son was very small, hope it brings smile on your face today🙂)

Of late all are advising me that I should meditate, even the people who never meditated, you can guess how stressed I looked….When my maid also asked me to relax a bit, I realised it is high time that I meditate, and from my childhood I have been fascinated about the yogis in himalayas..
Since my son is too small to take along to himalayas, I thought I should first try at home..

Now which meditation was the next question, like each product has n number of brands,
there are so many meditation techniques in the market, 
 I settled to one of the technique which promised quick enlightenment, I thought if not enlightenment at least it might relax me a bit

Got up early this morning for meditation, searched for a tidy place 
Books, crayons, slate, pencils, mobiles, chargers, laptops, papers, (I thought I cleaned it before going to bed yesterday?!)
anyways just pushed them all aside and sat, thinking next 30mins I am going to relax.

Let me start with a pranayama, took breath from one nostril and was about to leave the
breath from the other, then heard noise from room, may be son got up, let me check
Went to room to check, he was having sound sleep, came back to continue, by then had forgotten
whether I was taking or leaving the breath!!

Forget it, let me directly sit for meditation I thought, closed my eyes, allowed thoughts to pass by
then a thought came what to pack for lunch today, I could feel my heartbeat increase, because I didn’t check if i had vegetables in the fridge, then tried to recollect what all vegetables are left,
what to cook etc…Going to market, scolding electrician boy for the clumsy work, listing whom to call later in the day, shopping for cousin’s wedding, of course all in the meditative state… after couple of minutes realised I have to relax…OKAY! went back to the technique…

Bike sound! probably milk man, hope I have put the coupons correctly, yesterday he missed one orange milk packet…

Oh! not again…opened my eyes, 10more min left to begin the day..closed my eyes again, this time I feel I will succeed..

Couple more minutes, I am hearing a sound, wait is it anahata? No it is snoring!!, but I should be hearing ÖM sound?, and realised it is I who is snoring.

All these years I was teasing my husband for his “Sound” sleep, for the first time in life came to know
I also “Sound”sleep. Self-realization otherwise would not have happened!!
Before anyone gets up and tease me, let me just slip into my bedsheet and relax a bit🙂😴