• Hello all…. This is my first post…Please ignore my faults.
  • I m dealing with a very personal loss, the Man I loved for 21 years just left this world while playing volleyball, he met with cardiac arrest and was snatched from me and other loved ones within seconds….,!On 28.11.2021
  • Let me confess that we were not married, I met him in Year 1998 in a Hospital where my Bhabhi ( Sister in Law) was being treated, he came to see her there as he was in my brother’s colleague, a senior officer, regared as  Very Intelligent, honest and learned Man…strikingly handsome… A fatal combination, I was in awe, and my heart said ..Oh…My God!
  • Folks..I will write about our story some other time, that how our love blossomed against all odds, for now I just want to say that we shared 21 Unique and fabulous years of  love, respect and care, I used to call him my soulmate, and used to tease him hey…Listen I will go before you, as I don’t want to live in this big bad world without you for a single day…He used to laugh at it…And some times just to please me he used to join me in my desire to how he is going to perform my last rites….He was a very  Practical , honest man…Man of his words, if he said he will do this, he will do that come what may…Never made  false promises, never cheated any one…Was adored by his colleague s, was always there in your thick and thin….
  • We had created our own world, where we shared every thing, Happiness, sadness, laughter, emotions, intellect..Anger… We lived separately but our souls were united, I never regretted a thing…As I lacked nothing…I had him…..
  • And Suddenly on 28th November 2021, he left … Without saying a word.. Khelte khelte…. And here I am stunned, not ready to accept that he is gone…. My world is shattered, I try to console my self that I had 21 Glorious years with him of Love and surrender…..But my soul aches, how could my soulmate just left me all alone to grieve him? After all he promised to perform my last rite…He never made false promises.. and kept his words…This time for the first time he cheated…….m not happy….I want to shout loud and argue with him…What to do….?????
  • I came across to this site all of a sudden and just poured what I felt..I m not able to think clearly..And feel so lonely…I want to just tell him that I miss him…I miss him madly.







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