When a beautiful moment passes by,

you will regale in the lightness of it,

but will remain oblivious to its true beauty.


After a while, when you remember the moment,

you will reminisce it, even miss it,

for you will realize the tenderness of it!


After a while more, when some months and years have gone by,

and somehow, luckily, you’re still reminded of that golden moment,

you will find yourself amazed by the real revelation of it.


So much so, you will question the blessing that had occurred to you,

in that brief sparkle of a moment,

“Did it happen to me for real?”, You will ask yourself, “Or was it just a dream?”


“Yes it did!”, your inner voice will answer back.

“And yes, it was a dream”, it will add teasingly, unforgivingly, 

“For you were asleep back then, oh poor fool! You live, but in a dream!”


“It was a snowflake,

a big, fat, beautiful snowflake, the kind you had longed for,

that had finally landed on your heart, without warning!”


“But instead of capturing its intricacy in your heart,

You let it melt away, and melt it did, too soon

in the harebrained heat of your oblivion!”



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