There are also many well documented harms of Social Media as well. Social Media is very harmful for children and teenagers as regular use of it can cause depression, anxiety, loneliness and even sleep disorders in kids. It doesn’t mean that social media is only harmful for people below 18; it’s equally harmful for adults as well. 

Social Media is basically a kind of a slot machine in one’s pocket, as some experts say. Social Media also makes one feel lonely as almost all the people present on it portray their best possible life on these platforms; which is not always true. Social Media also makes it’s regular users feel more anxious if compared to when they were not using these apps. These social media apps also waste a lot of precious time of an individual. The regular usage of social media can also disturb one’s sleep patterns and can even cause insomnia in people. In the worst case scenario, excessive use of social media can even cause depression in some of its users. So, Social Media is definitely a bane for us. 

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