Social Media is both a boon and a bane for our society. So, should we use it or completely neglect it? I feel that it eventually boils down to the user who is using it. If one decide to use social media platforms then they must be very aware, mindful and even alert while using it. For personal use, one should use social media upto the point where it is still beneficial. There should be strict limits and boundaries on its usage as these social media platforms are built by their owners for excessive usage. For professional purposes, social media is a great medium which can be leveraged in a very big way. Social Media is the need of  our society today and one cannot turn their face from this powerful medium as there are so many benefits attached to it. But one should use it sensibly and cautiously.

At the end, i just want to conclude that social media can be used for personal use for connecting with family and friends. For professional purposes, the user can use social media so as to achieve their professional targets and business goals. So, Social Media is a Boon if used consciously; But it becomes a Bane if done mindlessly. 

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