There are two types of people in the world, one, who love their own company and second, who love the company of others. Those who prefer their own company seek solitude and those who prefer the company of others socialize. Those who seek solitude have a greater chance of self realization through introspection and contemplation. The Himalayas has been the favourite haunt of sages for contemplation and tapasya. Himalayas because of their inaccessibility to common people, the hoary tradition of its being the abode of gods, the fresh air and clean water that its springs generously provide ( though due to mad rush of tourists and creeping civilization the situation is not so idyllic now ).
For a sage to realize fulfllment of his tapasya, three attributes of solitude , silence (maun ) and sadhana ( meditation ) are essential. Solitude is required for keeping away the myriad disturbances that mundane life involves ; silence is required for concentration and to remain open to the call from the divine and sadhana is required to perfect and accomplish the tapasya unhindered. This is surely not possible in bazar like situation. No wonder our Swami ji had to seek abode in a cave in Badrinath for months together in a very inhospitable environment, with snow all around, predators prowling around and insects and rodents making merry in the dilapidated structure which was his habitation. He could still carry out his sadhana for 18-20 hours with a single minded determination and devotion. No wonder Gandharvas heralded the coming of Devi (Divine Mother ) and eventually blessing him. Performing such a rigorous and ardent sadhana or tapasya is beyond the ken and reach of ordinary mortals like me. The result of this rigorous sadhana are manifest in the effulgent and glowing personality and profound spiritual wisdom exuded by Swami ji , to which we all are a witness. An accomplished and arrived sage does not, however, remain for ever cocooned in his cave but comes out to reach out to common masses and convey the divine message received . Buddha, Mahavir etc and lately, our Swami ji are good examples of their love, kindness and regard for upliftment of common people towards moral and ethical living and mitigating the suffering that we are prone to through ignorance and unconscious living.
As solitude, silence and sadhana are a pre-requisite for fulfillment of tapas, the blessings of trio of Saraswati, Durga or Kali and Lakshmi are required for fulfillment of life on this earth. Saraswati for righteous knowledge, Durga for crushing evil and impious thoughts and deeds and Lakshmi for generous and deprivationless living. This combination is seen in the Navratri festival in the form of nine forms of Devi called by several names like Shailputri, Brahmcharni, Chandraghanta, Kusmanda, Siddhidatri, Skandmata, Katyayini, Kaalratri and Mahagauri. Invocation of the Devi in her myriad and resplendent form will help steer our boat on the river of life smoothly.
Swami ji has been gifted by the trio of Devis – in his vani ( speech ) , splendour ( fame ) and righteous angst against evil or negative thoughts and deeds as expressed in his discourses/ videos /BL. What he gave up in business, he has regained manifold in terms of love, respect and reverence from his bhaktas and admirers , like me.