Note: This is not Rihanna’s song:)


I love the way you lie
Your sweet words
So comforting 
So soothing

Next I know you have dragged me in,
In the spiral of unending torment 

Little did we know
You are a liar 
The only liar

All that you come up with
It may be true 
But it is only a true lie
A real lie or a fake lie
A lie is a lie

If I believe you, I’ll trip over
If I defeat you, I win
Oh mind,
You are the liar
Anything you cook up is a lie

Let me befriend you
Oh mind,
Because in silence,
I love you.

You are truth and bliss
In silence alone.



Note: Have you ever realised that anything the mind cooks up is a lie? A big chubby lie! Think about it (I will write a post about why thoughts cannot be real) From Swami’s beautiful discourses where He speaks about Maya, you may already know that anything the mind can think of, no matter how amazing, is a lie. Unless it comes from a place of thoughtlessness (yes that’s possible, also known as flow).

If you have been battling worry, anxiety, self-doubt, worthlessness, know that they are all just noise by the mind. Tearing thoughts! Truth is in this moment. And this is what this poem is about. 
Someone wise said: “You don’t go searching for truth. You drop the lies.” 


P.S:Thanks to Anew for her input and sharing the latter quote:) That’s not a lie!

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