Cocooned in the chrysalis of quietude,

Blessed became each tick of solitude.

Behold thither, tacitly, and do not miss

A lotus opening its chest of bliss.

Zephyr, who tired came here to rest,

Saw the honeybees around it in a fest.

Gathering its aroma in viewless casket,

He gifted it to everyone he met.

Admiring the sacred beauty of this view,

My heart tinted in compassion anew,

In soul-sea all the waves with many faces

Calmed down placidly by Divine graces.

A deer leaped and played with her fawn,

As each tree, each fowl bowed to fresh dawn

On the chariot of four horses Phoebus the king

Was slowly traveling on the same old ring,

Yet, a celestial smile shined on his countenance

And a mystical glimmer sparked in his glance.

A soothing sound spread within my soul,

At length, I perceived nature’s spectacle whole:

All brimming with high heaven’s calm,

At ease, I was in the Mother Divine’s pious palm.



Phoebus, Apollo – the greek sun god, somewhat similar to Aditya.


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