Spring Everywhere

Rough edges You smoothen

Bring light within this darkness

by and by and by these mortal eyes (only by your Grace) see what You are trying to show

And just as suddenly, it is spring everywhere

Dark clouds takes me to dingy alleys

Yet Your kindness leads me slowly

to see the beauty of spring even there

Pain causes this ship to capsize

Sometimes intoxicated by the poison called blame

However, Your Grace leads me slowly

To see spring everywhere

Your pure light illumines this untidy house

The Love, Compassion and Gentleness it brings gives some hope

And with a trembling heart I stoop at times to begin

To clean this untidy place

Sometimes loosing hope and sometimes loosing direction

Sometimes burdened by my own choices

But always with a prayer on my lips to

Bless everyone O Lord

That in the deep dark mortal hours

In ‘every second of the unforgiving minute’

Your Grace leads us

slowly but surely

to be more and more

Like the spring flowers that I see everywhere!!

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