Blog – Soul to soul called Love
We are beings of love . With so much love within us , already , no need to beg from others , but others are also unable to give you love .
Basically our soul is like a battery , if it is fully charged , you are emotionally healthy and being in  happy,tranquility peace and  love . love are your natural way of being , when the battery gets depleted due to negligence you would start find happiness outside .
How to charge your battery ? We charge our battery by 220 volt of spirituality in India and by 110 volt in US and Canada. Also we can charge by meditation for half an hour and by positive action by reading scriptures . The real meaning of not being in love ,because every person is wearing the crown of ignorance , no one knows the real meaning of Love , This Universe is existing only by love between Earth and Sun  and Planetary System , All planets are revolving the Sun because of LOVE .Therefore Love is the vital factor in a family  relation with parents, child, relatives and friends. 

Om Shanti 

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