Doing Right Things At The Right Time

Keeping life on track requires doing the right things at the right time.  Everything has its own time.  We begin any auspicious activity, such as Pooja, Marriages, Aksharabhyasam, Gruha Shanti, and many more, by observing the correct Muhurta for greater results. 

It is preferable to do the right thing at the right time rather than at the wrong time, as it yields greater impact. That is why, despite his extraordinary knowledge, Krishna never promoted knowledge at an inopportune time.  When Arjuna was befuddled and unable to perform his duties, he preached the Gita on the battlefield, where it was most needed. Even when it comes to our yogic practises, we do them in the morning, and when it comes to our Maa Gayatri Sadhana(or any other Sadhana for that matter), we set a definite date and time for it. 

So, it is not only important to do the right task, but also to do it at the right moment

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Stages Of Life

Except for life itself, we all know that time is more valuable than anything else in life. And once the time is passed, it can never be taken back. And over time, our body’s strengths increase and decrease. So the elders warn us not to squander our youth because the body has incredible vitality and the ability to accomplish anything amazing. However, we notice that many children and teenagers have no control over their entertainment. They eat, drink, watch, and do things that they shouldn’t. And wasting a lot of time in the process. This results in a lack of focus, motivation, and purpose.

Our forefathers valued life and time a lot. They highly believed in doing right things at the right time. This is why they designed four stages of life called Ashramas. The goal is to provide them with structure and direction in our daily lives. For fulfillment, enjoyment, and spiritual freedom, it is paired with four proper purposes of human life (Purushartha).

The First Ashrama: “Brahmacharya” or the Student Stage
The Second Ashrama: “Grihastha” or the Householder Stage
The Third Ashrama: “Vanaprastha” or the Hermit Stage
The Fourth Ashrama: “Sannyasa” or the Wandering Ascetic Stage

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Running away from our reality

We know that we should value our time. because it will not come back. Past can never be recalled. But despite knowing and understanding this we waste a lot of our time. The main reason for this is that we do not enjoy what we are doing, whether we are working, learning, or doing something else. When we don’t love doing something, we try to redirect our attention to something else.

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And how do we divert? The majority of us, feel that the biggest time-waster is watching television or spending too much time on social media, watching movies, playing video games for hours, etc.

Let’s see what happens, when we divert our minds like this. When we sit in front of the television watching something, at that time, we move away from our reality. We want to avoid thinking about a situation, a challenge, or a long-awaited decision, so we cut ourselves off from reality and immerse ourselves in television.

We hear what the television says at that time. We experience what they want us to experience. For a time, we become their slaves, intentionally or unknowingly. We laugh because they want us to laugh. When they want us to cry, we cry. We begin to feel the emotion of fear if they want us to be terrified. As a result, we become briefly disconnected from reality and immersed in an imaginary world. As a result, we become addicted to movies, television, social media, and other forms of entertainment since they present us with a more pleasant environment than dealing with severe challenges. Ignoring reality and immersing ourselves in fantasy and gossip world eventually became a habit.

When we spend long periods of time watching television rather than acting on the issue, we lose our ability to overcome difficulties and become increasingly disconnected from reality. And we become uneasy if a problem arises. We gradually lose our ability to confront anything.

Enjoy The Journey

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But, ultimately, we must live our true lives. As a result, it is critical to love whatever we are doing, whether it is studies, work, or anything else; we must enjoy the journey. Find your passion, as they say. Find out what you enjoy doing and then do it. However, it is not always doable for everyone, in my opinion. It’s fantastic if you can do what you enjoy, and follow your interests and passions. However, due to life’s circumstances and situations, we are not always able to pursue our passions. Furthermore, we take on numerous roles during the day. We cook, clean, and may also work as an engineer, a doctor or teachers, among other things.

Another thing to remember is to do things ‘with’ joy. What matters is that you perform each role with joy, because you will be playing several roles in your life. Whether we’re cooking, cleaning, or educating children, it’s critical to boost our mental state to the point where we can accomplish everything with joy. So that we might have pleasure in our path. Because things don’t have to be our way all of the time. However, in order to be happy, we must adapt to our surroundings. We will never waste our time if we enjoy the journey.

Sow a Seed at the Right Time

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Time is very valuable. If done at the right time, then only our actions yield good results.To sow a seed, for example, you must choose the appropriate moment. Seeds cannot be planted at any time of the year. It has a set time limit. When you plant a seed at that time, it will bear fruit. It won’t work otherwise. Likewise, in our lives too, there is a fixed and right time for everything. Like time for studies, time for work, etc. So, we should always do our best at present. Because only this moment is real. If we succeed at this moment, then it will create our destiny likewise. It’s a very deep concept that this moment, is creating our next. Meaning if we do our best at present, then it’s certain that our feature will also be beautiful. But if we waste our time now, then naturally, we will be ill-prepared for all future opportunities. Because we did not prepare for them.

The Present Moment Is the Key

When we waste a lot of time on entertainment other than doing our duties, and when we look at our peers, who worked hard and invested their time in the worth will go way up in their lives we feel pain and frustrated. They grab the opportunities which come their way and succeed with their hard work. Because they had worked hard at the right time. But as we had wasted our time, when we look at them succeed and we feel guilty, frustrated, and jealous. And the main reason for such suffering is — laziness.

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We fell short in various areas if we were lazy and irresponsible and didn’t put up our utmost effort at the appropriate moment. Hence, always remember, that our present is making our future. When we remember “My present is creating my future and my destiny.”, then we will never waste our time.

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