Death. One word that is a story/paragraph/essay/article in itself. It is enough to cause stir in the minds of all, unequivocally. Not just that, if you speak this one word in market-place, you may end up receiving everyone’s attention. Much has been written and said on this subject. There have been books on reincarnation and journey after death

On February 22, 1980, Khorshed & Rumi Bhavnagri’s world was shattered. One month later, a new one opened. The spirit world! They had lost their sons – Vispi & Ratoo – in a tragic & fateful accident. Being old and fragile, the couple lost their faith and God until a message from the Spirit World gave them hope and sent them on a incredible journey. Their encounter with the Spirit World is put into a book called – “The Laws of the Spirit World”. Khorshed Bhavnagri passed on to the Spirit World in August 2007. 

The book is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Spirit communications from the journals of Khorshed Bhavnagri
  2. Questions & Answers

Some excerpts from the book.

  1. In the spirit world, we are more alive that you are on Earth. (27)
  2. Even spirit souls feel sad, but only when people go wrong spiritually, or when our loved ones are crying for justice on Earth. (181)
  3. To live means to grow spiritually, to move forward towards God. (203)
  4. Karma is not punishment – it is learning. It is a law that is not intended to blindly punish but to teach you where you went wrong, and to make you understand your mistake from a soul level. (205)
  5. Negative energy on Earth is very strong and it is getting harder and harder for good souls to do the right thing. (260)
  6. Spirituality involves crushing of the ego, and that can be terrifying thing for people who are proud. (305)

The book’s forward and afterword of the book have been written by famous choreographer – Shiamak Davar. The book is dedicated to “One God” and “Two Sons” of the author. With almost 350 pages the book is mostly arranged in the form of a diary (journal). It has dates and topics being discussed/communicated via spirits (their sons mostly). The book is an interesting read covering various topics such as – 7 realms or planes, devil does not exist, negative souls, earth is a school, why you dread death, free will and karma.

Hare Krishna!