These days we can hardly find people who are able to sleep well.


Meet anyone, 99% chances are that they are sleepless.

Either gadgets or work stress or relationships, people are more awake these days.

Here are few haikus I wrote long ago on sleep

[ Hikus are 3line poems, with 5,7,5 syllables. Some say the order is flexible. I didn’t stick exactly to the syllable count because I was not sure how to count correctly😊 so if you want you can call them 3 line poems ]

1. Eye doors shut tight
But no respite

2. Sleep tied up the body

Attached colorful WINGS

To the Mind!

3. Impossible to catch

If sleep starts playing


4. Sleep ran off from eyes

Sitting heavily on

EYE-LID lofts!

Mind and sleep behave like twins. They play together. Both either play good or bad.

But the point to note is, both have similar relationship with Meditation.

Both are against Meditation.

About mind, we already discussed in the previous post, with sleep… I have a feeling that you are already getting what I am about to say😊

Yes. It is very sly. Just like its twin, the mind.

When we are really dying to sleep, it runs away but when we sit to meditate, it comes running ya!

It exactly catches hold of the moment when you are likely to experience something good in meditation and steals that moment away!!

That’s all. All you are left with is a sudden and rude jerk.

Did you experience this?

If you are alone, you are saved from the embarrassment of getting caught while having that jerk.

If you are in a group, of course you would quickly see around to check whether someone had caught you dozing but also you know that it also means that they are not meditating either, so it is kind of ok 😊😊 You can smile at each other.

Some day by God’s grace if you had good deep sleep, then it will not interfere with meditation.

Actually, good sleep is deep meditation only no? Sushupti. You don’t exist. You are the brahman. That is why we love deep sleep so much.

*Great Master Yogananda Paramhamsa says there are 3 ways to raise above karma.

1.When mind is strong and heart is pure, you are free.

2.When you are in ecstasy, identified with God, you have no karma

3.In subconscious sleep, you are free.

For us, of course sleep seems to be easiest of all the three.

I think God understood that we all will take that path only hence he made sleep such a highly priced item now a days.

Whatever it is, this is again a struggle to achieve.

So, we can pray to God

“Lord, please give me good sleep so that I can meditate well so that I can get good sleep.”


“Please grace me with good meditation session so that I will get good sleep so that I can meditate better.”

Both are fine, I think. You can choose.

Have a good sleep and good meditation session or viceversa😊

*Reference: The Divine Romance, chapter named “If God is free from Karma, why aren’t we?” Page 208.
[ This is such a fantastic book, a must read]