My Asthma attacks reached the peaks in my XI standard. I had to take medication to prevent the Asthma attacks and passed the XI standard board examination successfully in first class.
Those days, in the eyes of society and family, all successful people were only engineers or doctors. I knew I was an artist, and I wanted to join the Arts or Commerce College. I was the youngest of five siblings. No one had pursued Art in my family since it was not the in-thing to pursue in academics. As I was a topper, the pressure was very high from family and society to enroll in a Science College.
The new phase of my life started in college. All my friends were very healthy and could eat anything, get drenched in the rain, eat ice creams or cold drinks. I could not indulge in any of these simple pleasures of life; the giant monster “Asthma Attack” was staring at me all the time. I decided it is time to find solutions. I joined the Yoga Class and also started Homeopathic medicines. There was a significant relief, as the frequency of the Asthma Attacks decreased considerably over the next two years.
Rituals were conducted in my home with the help of the priests on our star birthdays, on auspicious days for Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess Tripurasundari, and for the departed souls of my father’s parents. I always wanted to know the meaning and benefits of conducting these rituals. I never got an answer as in those days you were not supposed to question these things. These are traditions, and you need to follow them.
I cleared the National Science Talent Scholarship examination. I was given a scholarship for a four-year study in Agricultural Engg. in Nainital, India. Due to my Asthma attacks mother refused to send me there.
I joined the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute near my house.
As I topped the first-year engineering exam, I got into Production Engineering. I knew it was not my cup of tea. I was sensitive and more leaning toward Art. Again the family and the society made the decision. I cursed myself for taking up production Engg, but it was a blessing in disguise. The divine plan happens for a reason. As I said before, you cannot connect the dots moving forwards, only backward. I will explain in my future posts.
I was, am, and will be a sensitive person all my life. I always felt the pain of others and tried my best to help them. My father had helped so many from his village to come to Mumbai. They would stay with him for free until they found the job. I realized this only in my first year of Engineering.
Every other house in my area I went to invite for my sisters’ wedding, they would say, ” I am in this successful position today in life only because of your father.” I was amazed. I never knew my father helped so many people. Like Guruji Says, we can make a difference in people’s life by a smile, physically helping them, sharing food, or giving money. Mindfulness, Empathy, Compassion, Kindness, Love, and Charity are the cornerstones of life.
My birthday was on May 14, 2021. I was drowned in the madhura (sweet) smaran (thoughts) of Guruji as always. As I was observing the thoughts suddenly, it occurred to me, ” Is my birthday May 14, 1956, or September 9, 2015!!!!!!!!!!. What miracle unfolded on that day, where and how it happened. You will find out in my next post the continuation of my spiritual journey part-4.
Stay tuned. Please feel free to post your comments, and discussions are most welcome.