Seeing Guruji’s face radiant like millions of suns with a gentle smile, I forgot all my pain and bleeding. It was like the soft rays of the morning sun melting the dewdrops, or should I say like the gentle cool rays of the shining full moon. Guruji sat next to me, took my left hand, and held my wrist for almost 5-10 minutes. All my worries melted away, the bleeding stopped. Sadviji Sushree Nishta wiped the blood on my face and neck. Guruji asked Sadvji Nishtaji to get some warm milk with turmeric.
Raghu Swami came in rushing, and he was saying to Guruji, “Agar Ganesh ka ser (head) 1/4 centimeter upar(up) hotha tho…”, (“If Ganesh’s head was up by 1/4 centimeter ….”), Guruji said, ” You would have gone to the forest to collect sticks.” Everyone exploded into laughter. Even in this serious, grave moment, Guruji could make everybody laugh with his witty conversations. I was happy and felt blessed that Guruji held my hand for so long. In my mind, I was saying, ” I don’t mind getting hit by more stones -:)).”
The stone, the size of two elongated oversized tennis balls, skimmed my scalp and hit the wall making a deep hole. One could imagine the speed and the force it hit the wall from the depth of the hole, and the splurted blood on the sidewall at least six feet above my head, where I was sitting on the chair. Guruji said, ” Eh Mrithyu ka patthar tha. ” (“This was a stone of death.”). Guruji said, ” It could take only a little bit of your skin, blood, and hair. Without my permission, no one is allowed to enter the Ashram”. Guruji asked Raghu Swami to save the stone. Guruji said, “Ganesh, you had to be here only, not any other place. It would have been a different ending if you were not in Ashram.” Tears rolled down my eyes. I understood why Guruji insisted that I be in the Ashram from September 2, 2015, to September 12, 2015. Read my earlier posts to understand the details about the date. I felt so blessed; what have I done in my life to deserve this unconditional love showered upon me by Guruji.
Guruji said, ” As I am stable now, I should go immediately to the nearest clinic in Giripul. “. Another miracle, Sadvi Nishtajis’s brother was coming to the Ashram. As he was not comfortable driving on the mud road from the main road to the Ashram, he had called the driver Sanju to wait on the main road where the mud road to Ashram begins. Sadvi Nishtaji immediately called Sanju to take his car and come to Ashram. It was all prearranged by Guruji. Sanju arrived in ten minutes, and we went to the clinic in Giiripul. The doctor said I need at least ten stitches after examining the wound, and I need to go immediately to the hospital in Solan. Shamata Mataji came along with me. As Mataji had contacts in the hospital, the doctor stitched the wound on the head instantly. I am very grateful to Shamtha Mataji for getting everything organized in the hospital in Solan. Guruji asked me to stay at Minaketan Sahu’s home in Solan, another ardent compassionate devotee of Guruji, close to the hospital. I needed to be close to the hospital as I was under observation for 24 hours. Guruji said everything would be fine and told me to come back to Ashram the following day. As I entered Minaketan’s house, He said, ” Aap ka Naya janam din hi, September 9, 2015, here are the sweets to celebrate your new birthday”. So true, I was born again, by the divine intervention of Thatagat.
Today being father’s day, I have no words to thank my divine father, Guruji/Sri Hari. My life and many of the devotees’ lives have been transformed by Guruji’s unconditional love, blessings, and grace, following Guruji’s teachings of empathy, compassion, kindness, giving, love, and humor. More miracles unfolded in front of my eyes, and I will be writing in the coming posts. Stay tuned. Please feel free to post your comments, and discussions are most welcome.