When going through a spiritual awakening, it brings with the most beautiful blessings from the universe. The entire being goes through overwhelming change and what you were before, is no longer the same. As one progress on this journey,

Mind is changing

You are feeling

In every bit of your being

The body is changing

The way responses

The mechanism is follows

The Mind and the thoughts

The feelings

The behavior

The mental talk

Everything undergoes a profound change

Changes is visible in your entire being

For the good

Rising above petty emotions

Response pattern changes

Become humble and

Patience finds space your state

Reaction goes, accepts things as it comes

Walking towards divine being

Slowly and steadily building divinity within

Leads you to God

Ever beautiful loving smiling

Grateful blissful

Blessing me forever my sweet my sweet adorable Shri Hari.

Journey from old self to the new self is all a journey that we go through not knowing where we are leading to heading to but it’s really unknown, as we move as we walk as we crawl as we Crave but one thing is very clear that it will unfold and the most beautiful happening to the soul.

But remember the racing fire of buzzing emotions, the desperation to see the other side and the losing patience and crying eyes tears rolling down like a river, the feeling that the rainfall of tears never going to end consumes your mind but the good thing is that it will end and it will make your life blessed and beautiful. And the way soul will connect with the divine and nature, will wonder and happening as you never thought of.

The beautiful happening of all this journey is that you become beautiful, you become a wake, you become divine. And nothing else is left to discover for you. For eternity your life your mind your soul merge in silence. Stillness and tranquility embrace your soul.

No site of uncertainty surrounds you and purging that occurred only when you are ready for it with grace of God. Believe me the journey is worth travelling. One become one with creator.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om