Spiritual path, in my view, is a way to our inside world. To seek our great spirit, our divine self and ultimate soul of life energy. This journey begins, in exact moment of our birth. On this path we will find out that we are not just “I”, but many “I”. Many of souls which are not in harmony with each other. Our life is the challenge between these souls; those have been settled deep inside of our soul via our ancestors and our society. So, back to the purity of innocent and wisdom of divine soul, is required step into this path. The path, in which has thousands points thinner than a hair string.
In this way & path I found my own truth, based on my knowledge (reading books) and intuitions (deal with feelings and emotions). As I began to live according to my own truth, trial and error came to my life and have grown me more and more to deep and core of my inner world i.e. my soul/great spirit. Reducing inside challenge, presence of Guru is needed (which I was lonely). As someone quoted to a young person “I know what it is to be young, but you don’t know what it is to be old” presence of a honest and sincere Guru help us a lot, because he/she is familiar to the meanders of this path.
This journey is inevitable, especially in this era; such wild anger and stress all around the globe; is not the nature of human and life itself. This path is urgent need of keeping alive peace and love to nature and to our fellow humans.

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