I had touched upon this in my post, A Guru’s Life. However, I wanted to expound a bit more on it here. Before we move on to those two words, let me summarize my view of life. Actually, the joke in Swami’s A Beetle’s Life post summed it all – Life is a meaningless joke played by God on us! 

As a popular Hindi number puts it – koi samjha nahin koi jaana nahin (nobody has understood or known life). Whatever people declare or argue, the fact remains that nobody will ever understand or know it. Life is, was, and will be a mysterious joke! No matter what we try, we’ll never figure out where we came from and where we will go.

Given that, how can you keep yourself sane in this joke-of-a-life? Make two keywords your mantra. That’s it. Simple.

Word #1: Karma or Actions

Our actions determine our life. Period! Here, there are two sub-concepts:

  • Cause and Effect: We’ll always reap the consequence for whatever we do. Like:
    • If we earn money, we can put food on the table.
    • If we exercise and eat healthily, we can stay fit and active.
    • If we care for people, someone will care for us when in need.
    • If we minimize socializing, we can be a lot more productive.
    • If we do something negative, we will get something negative.
  • Effects of Past ActionsWe can control our current and future, but we can’t change our past. So, we’ll have to face the music for our past and prior life actions. Still, we have a few options to eliminate our accumulated effects. As follows:
    • Slow Track: Live life and experience everything as it comes.
    • Medium-paced Track: Do Sadhana to wipe out your Karma.
    • Fast Track: Get initiated by a genuine Guru, and then do Sadhana. That way, you can offload some Karma on the Guru.
    • Super-fast Track: Do your responsibilities sincerely, serve society, be compassionate, and speak the truth. Then, accept life with an attitude of surrender.
    • Lightning-paced Track: Pursue everything listed under fast-track and super-fast track simultaneously!

Word #2: Kaama or Desires

  • Whether it is wishing to live in a mansion or craving good food, it is all desire. For that matter, as Swami once educated me, wanting to get an initiation from him or even longing for liberation are simply the heart’s wishes! Ultimately, big or small, noble or profound, a desire is just a desire.
  • As long as we have desires of any kind, we’ll return to this planet. Not once, but over and over again. If that’s what you want, you’re welcome to nurture those infinite and never-ending desires.
  • On the other hand, do you feel done with living on this planet? Then, find a way to exhaust or extinguish your desires.

Frankly, that’s pretty much all there is to know about living a Dharmic life. The rest is all merely commentary!

Since there’s no meaning to anything anyway, open your hearts to shower love and compassion on all. Give selflessly and don’t succumb to jealousy et al. And, definitely take good care of yourself. All of those will help you bubble with positivity. Because jeena isa ka naam hai (that’s what is called living).

At times, when life throws a curveball at you, do what Bhakt Meera did – dukh lakho sahe mukh se govind kahe. That is, she handled all her troubles with one name on her lips – Govinda.

Isn’t Bhakti your cup of tea? Then, hont ghuma… seeti bajaa… seeti bajaa ke bol… bhaiyaa aal izz well. That is, whistle out loud and assure yourself – All is Well.


Image: Photo by alvin matthews on Unsplash

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