the spotless one
white as milk
a soothing coolness
to the afflicted mind

O Gayatri
the mother of Vedas
three-headed three-eyed
pristine as the Ganges of yore

O pious Goddess
mother to Ganesha
the heart of Shiva
power to His penance

O fair Gauri
white as snow
I lose my head
to your beauty
to your grace

O Devi
of saffron countenance
allow me a place
by your slender feet

O softly smiling
moon-faced Laxmi
accept the water offering
of your child
on the silent twilight of Amavasya

O mother
of a thousand Suns
light of light
of Narayan’s delightful
laughing eyes

O Parashakti
the darkness
of a moonless sky
Kali of the wild hair
with a taste for blood

O Goddess of Love
the lotus-born Padma
my salutations
to the all pervasive
Sri and Hari

Oh my sweet sweet mother
seated in His left
You are He
You are Hari

💕 note: Bhagwan’s painting by none other than the vastly talented – Swami Vidyananda Om

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