I kept tossing and turning on the bed, my eyes remained wide open and heart was loudly beating. Try as hard as I may, I could not sleep and it was the first time in months that my sleepless nights were due to ecstasy.

I sat up and meditated, honestly don’t know how much time passed but 25 minutes as I guess it. I realised what swami really meant when he uttered the words “you can truely meditate only when you are happy”. This was probably the best meditation session I had, last night. It helped to calm down my mind a little but unable to let go of the joy and may be also a little afraid to let go my mind tried to still lay awake. Then he (Shiva not swami 😛) finallytook me in his arms and I fell asleep for what was left of the night. His touch has that special quality that arouses dispassion. Everything stops to matter except for the serene silence that only reveals itself when everything else has fallen quite.


Ps- Today I was supposed to publish Upanishads part 1 (Incase you missed the introduction read it here) but it will be here tomorrow noon. And Because now I have got a lot to study in a short time for the interviews 😛 (please keep praying for me😂) I will try my best to keep publishing at least  one post every weekend on Upanishad series.

And also to express my gratitude will soon start a fitness series specifying workouts at home to be fit and healthy. 😊😊 In case you missed it,you can read my journey and transformation here.