I kept tossing and turning on the bed, my eyes remained wide open and heart was loudly beating. Try as hard as I may, I could not sleep and it was the first time in months that my sleepless nights were due to ecstasy.

I sat up and meditated, honestly don’t know how much time passed but 25 minutes as I guess it. I realised what swami really meant when he uttered the words “you can truely meditate only when you are happy”. This was probably the best meditation session I had, last night. It helped to calm down my mind a little but unable to let go of the joy and may be also a little afraid to let go my mind tried to still lay awake. Then he (Shiva not swami 😛) finallytook me in his arms and I fell asleep for what was left of the night. His touch has that special quality that arouses dispassion. Everything stops to matter except for the serene silence that only reveals itself when everything else has fallen quite.

This post as titled, is the continuation or we can say a Happy ending to part 1. Where not even thirty days before I was almost depressed and Sulking, today I am happier than I have been in a past few months. All is by the grace of Sri Hari I believe, that not only I got a shortlist for two best universities in the country but also got a new internship which is so much aligned with my interests that I couldn’t wait for the night to get over so that I can get started. It Pays almost the same as my previous one but workload is much less and I am enjoying it to the core. Recently in the interview Swami said that when you are really passionate about your work you can’t wait the night to be over, most fortunately I felt what he meant. I had received so much caring and supportive words over the last post that I felt like updating the news and strengthening all of our faiths. And because happiness increases upon sharing ❤

The day I got Sri Hari’s pictures on my phone my mom said that it was his divine aura that has filled our home but I thought she was being sentimental nevertheless we cannot help noticing a lot of things that has positively changed after Sri Hari came. Sri and Hari indeed are synonymous miracle ! I wanted to express my gratitude and they did call me today itself  when a trip to Mughal Garden wound up at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara instead and very strangely my friend suggested that we should sit there listening to the melodious voices that echoed through golden walls and chandeliers of the dome shaped architecture. It was the most beautiful and peaceful moment I’ve ever experienced in a shrine. Suddenly I felt that god has given me a wish but I was so utterly surprised that no words escaped my mind except for gratitude. I kept repeating that I didn’t want anything and was fulfilled. I was happy to be his child, I was happy to trust him and content from knowing that he was taking care of me and looking upon me.

As the waves of gratitude began flowing I reckoned that I must address some very loving people that I met through os.me and made a huge difference in my life to thank them for all the ever flowing love, care and support that they have shown me.

  •  Kaivalya Bhaiya – I Know we have a deal but I must be exempted today. You are the most positive human I’ve seen and your daily posts have made a huge difference in my life. You’ve filled my subconscious with so much positivity that I’ll ever be grateful to Sri Hari that we got in touch. 
  •  Siddhika Umesh Maa – I call you Maa, because I feel too much closeness to you which is strange because we haven’t met yet. But you are truly a mother and took care of me like one when I was down. Your voice is a therapy in itself, so much strengthening and healing. I love you so much.

Apart from these two unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to get in touch with anyone so closely yet but Ever kamaal Meera Ji, ever sweet Sushree Diya Ji, ever supporting Shalini Ji and Arindam ji, Sweetheart Hemanya, Super talented Rohinee Jee and Divya didi, Melodious Anitosh ji (I am addicted to Radha ji’s song) and Swati ji and ever encouraging Akshay Bhai (your meditation worked 😁), Prahalad ji, Kukil Ji Ankit Ji and Divya Pai Ji,ever kind Tanvi ji, Ravi Ji and Kavana Ji and the whole community. I just wanted to say thank you, this means the world to me. Reading and Commenting on posts here has become the simplest way of expressing gratitude, I have been doing it continuously for a few days and a rush of happiness fill my heart uplifting my mood. I wish I could state in words that how much positivity  and contentment it brings me. It has changed my thinking and mood for good. May Sri Hari be always be with us 😊. Much love to my os.me family. My heart is soo full. Whatever happens, my self esteem ( which had taken a hit) has been restored to the fullest.

Ps- Today I was supposed to publish Upanishads part 1 (Incase you missed the introduction read it here) but it will be here tomorrow noon. And Because now I have got a lot to study in a short time for the interviews 😛 (please keep praying for me😂) I will try my best to keep publishing at least  one post every weekend on Upanishad series.

And also to express my gratitude will soon start a fitness series specifying workouts at home to be fit and healthy. 😊😊 In case you missed it,you can read my journey and transformation here.

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