In his speech, one of the speakers (Garikapati) stated, “It is a new trend; parents are now taking their children to Goa/Kulu and foreign trips but not to sacred places.”None of the parents are worrying or thinking about how to convey our culture to the next generation. “Unless we don’t take them on a spiritual vacation, how will they come to know the great sacred places in Bharath?” This statement inspired me a lot. I have taken sankalpa to take children every year to one sacred place in India.

We have been watching Radha Krishna for the last few years, and my children are well connected to Lord Krishna/Maa Radha’s places. Hence, we decided to go on a spiritual vacation during these summer holidays to “Dwaraka,” Lord Krishna’s Kingdom.

Dwarakadish mandir Dwarakadish Mandir

We travelled from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad on a flight. We have visited the Iscon temple in Ahmedabad. It is small compared to any other ISCON temple in big cities like Bangalore. However, the atmosphere is serene, peaceful and joyful. 

Sri hari - dwarakadish 1 ISCON Ahmedabad

We spent half of the day in the temple, took aarati and had a wonderful south Indian lunch inside the ISCON temple restaurant.

Hotel-in-iscon- Hotel-in-ISCON-

In the night, we travelled to Dwaraka by sleeper bus (GSRTC). We have taken accommodation via “YatraDham” blog in Ahmedabad and Dwaraka. Compared to Ahmedabad, Dwaraka’s lodging was a bit costly. We travelled by night from Ahmedabad to Dwaraka and reached Gayatri Residency.

Gayatri residency - dwaraka Gayatri Shantivan – Dwaraka

The Gayatri Shantivan Hotel is adjacent and inside the compound wall of the Gayatri Shaktipith Mandir. I was astounded and overjoyed to see the Gayatri Maa.In Gayatri Shaktipith, Maa Gayatri, Maa Kundalini, and Maa Savtri shrines bless us with beautiful smiles. I glanced at Gayatri Mata. I felt like if the goddess really gives darshan, she might really like this with a beautiful smile.

Sri hari - dwarakadish 2 Gayatri Shaktipith

I bowed down to Maa Gayatri Maa, offered her Sari, prayed and asked her permission to do Sri Suktam Purushcharana with our beloved Swami Ji on October 24th. I saw Maa in white, blue, and red, and I wished to see her in golden/yellow, which is symbolic of golden aura/prosperity. Maa blessed my small wish also. When we offered a donation to the priest for Sari, he bought a golden-colored Sari, and it was an amazing feeling.

Gayatri-maa-golden sari Gayatri-Maa-Golden Sari

The hotel manager’s son is a guide. He has guided us to Dwarakadish temple and helped us get Dwarakadish darshan. He narrated the whole story of the Gold Dwarakadish temple submerging in the ocean and the normal temple construction for Kalyug. Rushi Durvas Shaap for Rukmini Devi Maa and Lord Krishna’s 12 year separation.

Rukmini temple - dwaraka Rukmini Temple – Dwaraka

We also visited Bet Dwaraka, the residence of Lord Krishna, on the other side of the river by sailing on a boat. The 30 minute journey is also a wonderful experience. We visited Hanuman and his son’s temple, which is 5km away on the way.

Sri hari - dwarakadish 3 Bet Dwaraka

We also visited Nageshwar temple, which is called Swayambu. On the way, we also took darshan of  Bhadkeshwar Mahadev as well.

Nageshware temple - dwaraka Nageshware Temple – Dwaraka
Bhadkeshwar mahadev temple Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Our Spiritual Vocation Journey ended with lots of fun by riding horse and parachute along the dwaraka beach.

Parachute in dwarka beach parachute in dwarka beach
Horse riding dwaraka Horse Riding Dwarak

if you would like know  how my material joureny towards spiritual – Sri Suktam 960 days and  If you would like to know, my spiritual journey – Srinath to Srinath Om

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