A friend of mine once told me staring at the sky or clouds help when your mind is full of thoughts and helps you feel yourself at ease . For once I thought she just watched too many dramas or movies .But not to lie , when I saw it myself it feels too good to be true , too good to make you happy for the rest of the day.

Today it was a rainy  and calm evening . I spent nearly 1 hour walking by myself, humming songs , walking with empty head , smiling at the sight of flight of  pigeons and enjoying the calming-cool weather experienced after days of scorching heat. It was almost magical (it can make you feel surreal). I enjoyed my alone time earlier (basically just sitting back and listening to music after studies) but I never thought it can be this relaxing and calming the other way . Thanks  to her . 

Not just looking at the sky , something light and pastel or blue in color would catch my attention and in no time I zone out with eyes glued on that . Recently I got into trees and plants , thanks to the green fields  I saw few days ago (some credits YT also, I can’t blame myself they just look so pretty on internet ).

Sometimes the  feels you get are beyond and more important than some aesthetics .

I wonder what can catch our attention  at what time and how it can certainly change some habits . Perhaps there are some beautiful things we are blind to . Exploring doesn’t hurt afterall. 

With Smiles , 


Jai Sri Hari 🙏