Both, Happiness & Satisfaction are in fact psychological state; conceived and perused by mind.

World has been dynamic since Eons – its innate nature being Transient and Impermanent.  Humans have made happiness and satisfaction a pursuit, forgetting the fact that these are the state of mind and have no physical existence.  But this state of mind seems to be so physical and real because of the correlation humans have conceived between these two states and the physical world.

With evolving world, the thresh hold of Happiness and Satisfaction is also changing.  The height of bar of Happiness and Satisfaction is rising ever since the advent of internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The amount of effort (leaps) to reach that bar are increasing and the states of Happiness and Satisfaction are becoming short and for someone just a tiniest moment.  The social media is already playing its role – increase in Socio-Economic competition has made the current race of humans more ambitious, restless and intolerant.  Shri Om Swamiji has termed the impact of Social Media as “identity paralysis” in his book “The Heart of Success” and one needs to address this to be in the state of Happiness and Satisfaction.   It is alright to be aspiring, ambitions.  Give your 100% to achieve them and leave the results to the divine providence.

What is the easiest way to attain the state of happiness and feel content, satisfied?

1.       Read the books and blogs by Shri Om Swami, but read them mindfully, pay attention to every word.  Listen to video discourses of Shri Swamiji, again listen very carefully, do not jump and pick what seems best to you.  There are many important instructions but are missed out in our quest of finding the short cuts.  Half the battle is won with mindful reading and listening.

2.       Meditate – yes, practice the Contemplative Meditation.  Contemplate on the changes this world has undergone since you yourself became conscious.  How these changes, be it advent of any technology from Radio to Television, Internet to Wi-Fi, Telephone to Mobile phones, Computers, Desktops, Laptops and the current COVID19 crisis and so on has impacted your life. Observe the changes in yourself, from childhood to adolescence to your current state of age, the changes the time has brought in your thinking and behaviour. Everything is and was never in our hand, there is always a divine providence at play so what more one needs to be happy, satisfied, content? Nature has provided everyone with everything that is needed to sustain the life on this planet.  Have trust in divine providence.

3.       Be THANKFUL – Show your gratitude to all the people behind these technologies, to parents, Guru, Nature and God for making you capable to own and use these technologies.

Thanks to Shri Om Swamiji for moulding my life by showing the path leading to the truth and lighting it whenever I find darkness.

Be happy, satisfied and content, always.

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