All the beings that are seen in the material world are like waves that emerge out of the Sea (Supreme Being).
They remain manifest for sometime, vanish in the Sea.
Again they arise in entirely new forms so as to merge once more with the mighty Sea.
This process has been continuing since time immemorial.

It must therefore be the primary task of all the beings to make all out efforts so that they need not come again and again in this gloomy world. So that they cease to be insignificant waves, ad nauseam.

But why should one not visit this world again and again?

There are primarily two reasons :

(a) Worldly people are strong votaries of Epicurean philosophy.
“Eat, Drink And Be Merry” seems to be the motto of general populace.

But can one here remain happy indefinitely?

The answer is NO.

Though there are episodes of joyfulness, believe me, this मायावी संसार (illusory world) is largely a place full of deceits, pains and sorrows.

Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita has explicitly told Arjuna :

ये हि संस्पर्शजा भोगा दुःखयोनय एव ते ।
आद्यन्तवन्तः कौन्तेय न तेषु रमते बुधः ॥

(Worldly people are vainly trying to find happiness in a world of finiteness, duality and impermanence. But in the end, they are left only with distress, discontent and depression)

(b) Also, life in this transient world is highly monotonous.
It primarily revolves around sleeping, eating, drinking and mating.
Only the dumb animals don’t get bored by such a routine.
A buffalo chewing incessantly, doesn’t complain of boredom!

A wise person however becomes aware about the woeful and wearisome world.
He makes earnest efforts to get freed from it’s shackles.
He realizes the foolishness of pursuing material desires.

Material desires if fulfilled, breeds greediness. Unfulfilled material desires cause frustrations, disappointments!

The only way out therefore is, “Be Desireless”. Stop craving for material possessions, relations!

One would then merge, become one with the Sea.
This is called मोक्ष or liberation from the bondage of माया (illusion). One would then become an indispensable, inseparable part of the Infinite – The Supreme Bliss.

Gautama added “Buddha” to his name – Gautama Buddha. “Budaha” ( Buddha) in Sanskrit means bubble (hollow, empty).

Very rightly Gautama Buddha sermonized, “Decimate all your longings. Be hollow and empty, if you want to achieve lasting solace.”

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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