Some cultures believe in cleaning the house and throwing out the unneeded before sunset. Some believe in doing it at least once a year.

Do we carry too much unnecessary baggage? Do clean it daily if possible or whenever you can awaken to the realization of the unnecessary load you have been carrying.

For example, the opinion some people have about you, shouldn’t be your problem. Seriously, some people live to please the entire world and it’s really unneeded.

Which team wins, which team loses. Watch the game for fun people, the wins and losses really don’t matter in the end.

Will all your efforts be awarded by your near and dear ones? Will you be fondly rembered after you are gone? Forget it buddies. Do your duty and live your life. But don’t have too many expectations. You are just carrying extra load.

Will all your dreams come true? No they won’t, just be grateful that you had the chance to dream. Billions of people don’t have what you do and yet you are grumbling?

Don’t carry unnecessary baggage of expectations and regrets and woeful memories.

Live life with the gratitude that you have been given a chance. And every once in a while, clean your inner house off the unnecessary garbage.

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