The other day, I happened to pass by a temple near my society, it was the first day of Navratri and there was a big crowd gathered for the aarti. I also joined the crowd and waited for my turn to pay my obsequies to the Lord. As I was waiting for my turn, I began observing the people around me, there must have been around 50 people out of which more than half were busy clicking selfies, posing, gossiping away without paying any attention to the aarti being sung, except to join in, clap their hands and shout” Jai Mata Di”
This made me think “why do we come to the temples??” Do we come because of an inner calling within us , are we just flowing with the crowd around us. I always thought that one enters a sacred place to find peace, solace and quality time with God but here is was utter chaos with people shouting, yelling, pushing each other to get a glimpse of the God and take his blessings.
This made me think that do we really need to make the effort to visit a holy place when in reality God lives within us and we don’t need to wait in a line to pray to him, he is ever present and always willing to hear us if we call out to him in earnest.
Going to religious places loses its importance and sanctity when we go there to be part of a blind crowd for whom temples and holy places are not places of pilgrimages but a place to click pictures and instantly upload them on Facebook, Instagram so that everyone feels “oh how religious and holy they are” In a way we are fooling and deceiving God, instead of getting near to him we are distancing ourselves from him, instead of seeking his blessing we are insulting him.
It’s time we stopped making a mockery of God and learn to accept the reality that God rests in all of us, we just have to keep our ears and eyes open and wait for his blessing. It will come to us when we least expect it so don’t be in a hurry to please God, be patient and believe that all he does and gives us can never be bought by money and false actions but only by being true to ourselves and bowing our heads before the almighty and thanking him day in and day out for the blessing he showers on us which many a time we don’t realize.

It’s here I always remember this song

“Prabhu Aapki Kripa Se Sab Kaam Ho Raha Hai
Karte Ho Tum Kanahiya Mera Naam Ho Raha Hai”