Since you are reading this blog, I am sure you may have read some books & texts on spiritual subjects. While there are several autobiographies and biographies in market about realized masters, probably one of the most extraordinary is the book “From a Mountain in Tibet” written by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche Segal. It enumerates a Monk’s journey from Tibet to India to UK, United States and then finally back to UK. 

Tibet is known to be a land of mystics. Almost every home in Tibet has a child serving monastery and working towards self-realization. Most of them are followers of Lord Gautam Buddha.

The author’s riveting journey started when the Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959. He, aged almost 17, along with others, had to flee to India, to seek shelter and means. The journey itself was arduous and overwhelming for most of them, given the extreme climes of the region. Many lives were lost.

In India he got his basic education and after some studies he left for Scotland in 1969. After some time, he went to United States for rest of his adventures of life. One of his close friends was Chogyam Trungpa, a renowned Tibetan master-scholar who has written several books on Tibetan mysticism, such as “Tibetan Book of the Dead”.

Some of the excerpts from the book:

1.       It seems to me that human beings thrive when we feel part of a bigger whole. (25)

2.       Everything in life comes down to mind. (188)

3.       Misery is a powerful spell in the mind, which many people find it hard to beak free from. (225)

4.       “Buddha” is really a nothing more than a metaphor for a state of awareness we can realize ourselves. (247)

The book is dedicated to author’s Guru – Sixteeenth Karmapa & author’s brother Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche.

The book mentions some overwhelming concepts/topics such as Tulku, recognition of Gurus reborn in Tibetan lineage, tummo, shinay meditation etc.

Just less than 250 pages, the book is a very fast read. The events unfold as a mystery life lived by the great master. Currently, the author is the Abbott of Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and Tibetan Center in UK.

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