Haunted spooky tales are like an instant mood-uplifter for many. For the rest,these tales add to their woes. I am a huge fan of listening to the spine-chilling tales from family,friends,acquaintances and even strangers. I don’t mind who the narrator is,I am all in as long as the narrator is from this world. I enjoy every bit of it I really do,there is no denying the fact. Listening to brain-throbbing tales is one thing but experiencing it on a daily basis sometimes seems like quite an absolute trade-off for me. My experiences with extraterrestrial beings are countable as yet but mind-boggling. One of those phantom anecdotes is expounded below.

My house was at a stone’s throw from a multi-speciality hospital which caters to the needs of patients from all over India. My house was on the first corner after the hospital so was my room,first house in the lane,room with windows on both the sides. I am talking about the times when people didn’t find it embarrassing to grieve anywhere for their loved ones who passed away. And this corner of the road i.e. our house was the ideal place for the attendants and family members to grieve,sob,talk to their family members who were away. A secluded area but nearby the hospital. Shuddering breaths,sometimes screaming over the death of their loved ones,or ‘keerna paana’* was an everyday thing for us and our neighbors to experience owing to the hospital. Belonging to a religious family and being overly empathetic,we used to pray for the salvation of the dead but sometimes it was not possible for us to pay condolences to others during the mid-night. I was told that God prevails and pervades us all so we need not be afraid of any being. All we have to do is just pray to God.

Once we missed it,I remember distinctly. The reason was that the windows of my room were closed during those chilly days and only I could hear the faint sounds. Nobody else could hear them. And I,being a child,hardly 8 or 9 years old,chose to ignore it as the most precious thing to me was my sleep.
Since infancy I used to sleep with my parents just like every Indian child. Gradually,my parents decided that I am a grown-up now and should try sleeping alone. I agreed only because my room was right next to my parents and I could see them while sleeping. We,at our house, never closed doors. So it was easy for me to accept that I should start sleeping alone. I got a bed,a huge single bed,way too big for me. I was on the top of the world to get my own bed where I would lie down with my teddybear.
I was comfortable in sleeping alone now. So I decided to keep my teddy bear away and sleep more comfortably. That night,when I chose to ignore the cries and the sighs of the family who lost their someone,I felt uncomfortable. I felt suffocated. On a bed,good enough for two people,I felt tight. Really congested. Felt tight in my chest,tight on my bed,as cold as ice with my thick quilt on me.
Heavy sleeper but woke up in the middle of the night,I half-turned. Thanks to the moonshine,I could figure out what was bothering me. I witness a girl,double my age,dark-skinned,braided bun,double nose piercing and eyes shut as if everything is normal. I had looked at the pictures of the people who live in forests,the pygmies. She looked like one of them. A distinct personality with calm composure.
I pushed her fearlessly and turned to my side again as if it was a normal thing to do.
The moment I realised that something is off,my breath stuck midway. It was when turning to my right I had a revelation of someone foreign in my bed. Right next to me.

I was immobilized. I could not move an inch lest pushing her off of me and my bed. Right then I started reciting Hanuman Chalisa in my mind. I prayed so hard. I still remember I wanted that moment to pass. To go without any itch,any trouble. That was when I realised that I cannot move or talk or breath when something eerily is nearby. I could not even call my father whom I could see sleeping right from my bed.
That girl was sleeping next to me,sleeping or what I don’t know,but lifeless as a log,in my bed,made me experience something for the first time. I kept on reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Thank God I had learnt it by then,credit goes to my father. I kept on focusing on God,praying to end my fear,to wake me up from this nightmare unhurt. I did it for don’t know how long.
I must have slept then because the next morning I was as scared as a deaf bat. I dared not discuss it with my mother,she would have been more scared than me. So I decided to tell my grandmother before explaining the whole scenario to my father. Well,my grandmother told me that she,the pygmies girl, might have been a spirit,lost from her path,stranded,maybe even secluded,landed on my bed and then would have continued on the path leading to God since she was a good spirit as she seemed calm and composed. This made me feel better. But from then things changed.
A girl,8/9 year old,lost her wits and had treaded the path which led to the salvation,spirits,God and what not.

But all in all,it was one of the most deadly,horrifying experience in my life. I might or might not have gone through such experiences before this incident but it put an indelible mark on my psyche.

Living next to a hospital was difficult in all terms but imagine living next to a Christian Cemetery,normally considered obsolete but still in use illegally-things unimaginable and unspoken yet filling with emotions,mostly fearful.


*keerne paana: an act of thumping chest and thighs while screaming out the dead person’s name and saying certain things about his lifetime. Quite common in rural areas of Punjab.

DISCLAIMER: Since the time I have decided to put my mind to writing an anecdote with a ghostly experience,I am feeling chills,seeing things moving around and being told in non-verbal ways that I am being watched. I hope my God is protecting me at all times. I know that HE IS PROTECTING ME.
Using Saadhna app is the only way I am feeling secured. I can japa at any time while looking at the deity and feeling protected. Thanks to Om Swamiji for such endeavor.
Thanks to Medha Shri for providing such opportunities with witty cues.