Has any one of us seen Suraj barjatiya movies as Hum aapke hei kaun and hum saath saath hei and thought of the perffect chemistry the parents of a bride and her inlaws! …Gaa rahee hei samdhan and harmonium bjaa rahe hein samdheejee! SWAMIJI in one of the discourses on unconditional love specially says a marriage initially is a tough situation as the girl is daughter in law first time ,boy of father ..father in law first time and no training in any school or university is given for what kind of expectations, conduct or procedures must be followed with each other! Most Indian marriages i have experienced of freinds, relatives and acquaintance ( including myself), to build her parents almost perffect image the girl or bride or now bahoo usually gives tutorials classes to her parents on what to wear, what to gift,what to talk aswell how much to laugh or which envelope to use and how much shagun( gift ) to be given to her inlaws! I really doubt if the men too do that with their parent on how to deal with his inlaws! Most of the time the bride and her parent are either defensive or too concious to enjoy themselves or express their opinions or ideas too. Just on a lighter note some years back i went for an adhaar card registration with my father in law who bought some sambar from a very local ( where vegetable vendors eat) ,not so branded shop near sabji mandi and on lunch offered it to my mom ,i kept showing my mom big big eyes and making weird faces since she has extremely sensitive stomatch and my poor innocent Mother could never understand and later in a crying tone said ,i ll never eat meals with your inlaws ,u r so concious and apprehensive about it ,as her stomach ached in evening all my eye brow twitching was self explanatory and she understood my plight! Are you too running tutorial classes for your parents visiting your inlaws house?