It was very unusual the whole class was silent. Ever bubbling students were stumped to silence by the question posed by the teacher. The question seemed very simple but they couldn’t answer. The question was “What is the difference between Discovery and Invention”? These were quite common words. At last, after many attempts, they found the answer. Discovery is finding something that already exists and Invention is finding something that doesn’t exist. Grinning, He also gave them an example. A man discovers his wife and invents his children.

Now, what does this have to do with Success? A person can succeed in 2 ways. Initially, he can be a discoverer and then he can become an Inventor. I call these 2 facets of success.



There is a start for everything. You might be starting a business, shifting to a new place, learning a new skill, even retirement is also a start. When we are starting this new journey our side will be reluctant as we are into uncharted territory. In this phase what we need to do is, we need to be a discoverer. If I am going to start a new business, I can always look at entrepreneurs who have succeeded in it already. Some will be passing the knowledge through books and webinars. Books hardly cost us a few hundred and webinars few thousand. If it is a family business we can learn everything from our parents. Professional courses are available in plenty today. For a student being in constant touch with peers will be of immense help. These are the basic things that we need to do to succeed in our endeavour. These methods and ideas are already present and we just need to find them. Looking around is enough. Just by being a discoverer, we can become highly successful people.


After tasting success by being a discoverer it is time to move on. It is time to become an Inventor. By now we already would have gained reputation, experience and wealth. Using these we can try something that no one has done before. If we succeed our names will be etched in history. What we need is faith and taking that plunge. iPhones, Amazon, Netflix, Email, Social Media, Google, Tesla, Delivery services, EMI’s, Digital Payments all have completely changed the world around us. Albert Singer was manufacturing sewing machines. He would have been running a business like others. He would have been a discoverer. His decision to market his Singer sewing machines through franchisees changed everything. He was the first person to effectively use franchising. He was an inventor. After that KFC, Burger King and Macdonalds took franchising to another level. They were discoverers. Numerous such examples in many fields can be given.


Life started in water. One day an aquatic animal could have tried to jump out of water. It could have taken millions of years but one day that urges for a new place would have resulted in the evolution of an aquatic animal. Even human beings evolution can be credited to that one life form’s urge to do that one thing which none of its peers tried. Discovery can be equated with the Preserving nature of life and Invention can be equated with the Creative nature of life. Our journey starts as a Discoverer and should end as an Inventor. Once we gain a foothold in whatever we do, never miss the chance to innovate. Discovery is for others. We play it safe earn money and take care of family. The invention is for us. When we find something unique and make it successful the satisfaction is something that no amount of money or fame can give.