From the moment we’re born, there is this mad race that we must be successful in everything that we do.

What is Success? Is it a benchmark set by the world or is it something that we set for ourselves?

On deep introspection and personal experiences, I have found that success is just an idea (a state of mind) and with each worldly success, there comes a pressure to lock that trophy in your it our success in career, personal relationships, stock market gains.

I am sure failure keeps us on our toes, trying to focus on our goal but once we get there it’s gratifying for few days before  it feels like just another thing in life. Also I personally think we must fail in a few things in life. When we fail we realize that sometimes no matter what you think, the universe can have some other plans and it makes you humble as a person.

Sometimes all of this, the success/failure looks more like a game and anyways all of the things be it enjoying or enduring can and certainly will be taken away from us.

So what is success? Is it getting a job? Is it making +1000% in stock market? Is it getting a life partner? Or going beyond all this?

If life is a box in which all these items reside, its very important to empty it at least once so you know what’s the box made up of.

You define your success. 

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