Blog – Your suffering is defined (विधि का विधान)

Our life script and suffering are built in at the time of birth in womb of mother , it is like a seed of mango , it is pre programmed that is why everything is scripted what kind of fruit will be whether it will be sour or sweet . Similarly same case is with a person .

Example: one Mula ji climbed on a tower to recite pious Namaj , unfortunately he felled down on another Mula ji who was passing by chance there , and back bone of Mulla ji is broken without his fault, he was simply passing through that way and he was hospitalized for medication , he said to doctor ,” the person who fell down on me is enjoying and my backbone had broken unnecessary without my fault” what is this ? This is the pre defined suffering ( विधि का विधान ) .

Therefore we should ready to face any kind eventuality being evoked in life and learn to face with smile . In astrology , it is said that your past tell about your future means past is the son of future .

Om Shanti 

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