Heyam Dhukham Anagatam

Misery which has not yet come can be avoided.

-Patanjali Yog Sutra-2.16

“Shiv Sir, I am possessed! The devil has taken over me yet again!”, saying this I slipped into a deep slumber.

Shiv Sir my Vedic teacher would always be unruffled with my frantic calls.

Nov 2018, Diwali vacation in my home town Chappar, I happened to pay a short visit to my cousins’ ancestral old Haveli (grand bungalow), a beauty built somewhere around the 19th century. Having spent a couple of fun-filled days with my maternal family, on my way home I dropped my son to Mayo college hostel. As a parting gift, we treated ourselves to red fudge and chocolate ice-cream!! By the time I reached home, it was around 9 p.m. Fatigued after a day-long journey, I hit the sack without even having dinner.

The next morning to my surprise, I woke up with high temperature, cough, and cold. My family doctor asked me to undergo a couple of tests and put me on antibiotics as all reports were normal. The strong medication administered to me would make me lethargic and drowsy. It was at this time that I had called Shiv Sir and said that the devil had returned.

The fever and cough were getting more frequent but surprisingly medical reports would always be normal. Then what could possibly be wrong with me?? If medically I am fit, then could it be some unforeseen forces that were playing havoc in my life?  To be quite honest, I am sure this thought might have crossed many of our minds at various situations in our lives;

Unseen Forces!!

By March the cough took a toll on me and all testing showed that I was normal. Then finally I prayed to my guru, Om Swamiji to send me help, and out of the blue Padma, aunty called. She got really worried about my health and asked me to call Dr. Mayank immediately.  After listening to the history of my ‘strange illness’, he asked me to send all my reports and my weekly diet chart. (Padma aunty and Dr. Mayank are two wonderful souls I met at the Kundalini Sadhana retreat)

Mayank on studying my food habits asked me to totally cut out all forms of sugar – direct and indirect for a while(refined sugar, mishri, organic sugar, jaggery, dates or maple syrup, honey, dates). I tried my level best … but you know how rosogullas and Gulab Jamoons can steal even the toughest man’s heart…Well…I was no different! It became very evident that sugar was lowering my immunity. I called Mayank but he stopped taking my calls. It was apparent that he would take my calls only if stopped my SUGAR intake! Sigh!

From May 2019- March 2020, every time I binged on sugar I was down with high temperature and cough which would last for days. I finally made a choice…. QUIT SUGAR!

My decision to go off sugar strengthened when Om Swamiji’s diet plan came as a blog, and it was clear that he doesn’t take sugar. He is my ultimate inspiration further strengthened my resolve …


Today being 18-08-2020, it has been close to five months that I am on zero sugar. In one year, my cough, asthma, and lung irritation have vanished completely. Acne and stomach disorders all have reduced drastically.

Just by kicking sugar off my diet, I kicked back into good health.

Since blood reports always showed a normal range I never had a way to prove things were not alright with me. Many doctors even said I was having psychological issues! It was Dr. Mayank who made me understand that my condition was not at its best at a cellular level. It was celiac disease that I was suffering from, and with time the villi in my intestine was damaged. Eventually, this gave rise to hormonal imbalance leading to brain fog, asthma, cough, cold, fever, stomachaches, headaches, gum itching, stomach cramps, weakness, fatigue, laziness, and menstrual pains leading to Hysterectomy at a very young age.

I am not a medical practitioner so can’t give you enough details on what sugar does to our body. But as per Dr. Mayank, our eating habits which include high intake of sugar and high carbohydrates foods slowly affect our hormones. Gradually we experience abnormal behavior of our body or some parts begin to fail. It’s our body’s way of telling us that all is not well inside and we have to do something about it before it’s too late.

Quitting Sugar takes the same amount of effort and willpower equivalent to weaning off drugs. It took me close to eight months to go off sugar. Today being 20-08-2020, it has been close to five months that I am on ZERO SUGAR.

The symptoms are similar to quitting drugs. Initially, without sugar intake I would feel;

·         Upset with the lightest trigger.

·         Emotionally drained.

·         Depression.

·         No strength to work out.

·         Mind would find reasons to eat sugar.

It is the hardcore truth that one needs a great deal of self-control to get off sugar completely.

Ketchup, mayonnaise, salad sauces, biscuits, savories, cakes, ice creams, pizza base, bread, bun….almost everything in a normal person’s daily diet has added sugar. We practically cannot think of a life without sugar.

Look at the amount of sugar and carbohydrates our kids are exposed to. Every birthday party is full of sugary stuff from cakes to chips to pizza to burgers, candies to coke. Gosh! What are we doing to their little pancreas? The almond-sized beta cells! Now, it all looks rosy and we feel let kids enjoy but this enjoyment is only till they reach the age of 18-20. After that, the stored resources of the human body give way and the hormone mess built over the years gets into action eventually making our bodies sick with early diabetes, heart diseases, cold, cough, cancer, etc.

In my case, I have visited close to 100 doctors in the last 35 years and most said that I am facing psychological problems as my medical reports were always normal. Since there was no accurate way to prove any point, Dr. Mayank started me off with cutting sugar off my diet. This way my body would begin to heal itself.

Since March 2020 I have not taken a single medication nor gone for any supplements. I just went by Dr. Mayank’s experience. My dad had even planned on taking me to the best doctors in the USA to know what exactly was wrong with me. Believe me, medically to date, nothing is proven!

Dr. Mayank if you are reading this blog, “You have saved all my USA medical expenses along with stay and travel to various doctor fees, to paying to the people who work with unforeseen energies!! Let alone cost, YOU HAVE GIVEN ME MY LIFE!”

The Patanjali sutra mentioned as the opening line to this blog fits very well in most cases; we can avoid misery before it comes. By quitting sugar we can regain our health and avoid the onset of many deadly diseases. Forbes article.

Think twice before putting that poison in your body.

My Guru – Om Swamiji answers every prayer, every wish. He hardly has time to meet us personally, but he makes sure we are taken care of and our questions are answered through some means.

Sharing Mayank’s email id in case you are looking for a right doc in your life.