A couple of years ago in meditation, an angel approached me and suggested that I start a nature conservation project to find a new lifestyle in it. I started that project and made a solid web page but I never put that into the actual marketing drive (like most other projects I started). There are, of course, karmic, character, everyday and human explanations for that.
Why sometimes we don’t understand, don’t want to understand, or don’t accept what life is telling us. Or why we fail to shape important things in life into the right mold.
One of the reasons is that gods, spiritual beings, angels, have their own way of looking at things, their perspective is transparent. They live in a world where things are taken for granted. But when information is transferred to the human mind and tries to manifest on the earthly level then numerous problems arise for man. Then the rift between man’s divine and non-divine nature can best be discerned. This difference in man is the biggest stumbling block on the path of self-realization. Still, we have to finish projects no matter what nature prevailed in us. We can only be human as long as we live. We will become gods until we’re no longer human.
The sun of sathya yuga is just appearing on the horizon.

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