It was moderately cool in the very early morning.. Jyothi had slept for a little longer and so she had to rush her morning duties to watch her favourite rising Sun..It was almost 5:45am, the rising time for the Sun on a good friday..
She rushed to a spot where she could focus the Sun clearly. The soft bright orange Sun was so cool and the beauty of it awestruck Jyothi… It was an everyday sight but never did it bore her. It was an energy drink for her (though truly it is!). This everyday activity lasted only for few minutes, after which the shine was so bright that her eyes were not able to take it. the cool beauty turned to prickly bright that it got difficult to open the eyelids. She turned her head to see the pathway she had come, which were not so clear, now turned out to radiate its beauty. While returning back home, it was more of a miracle to see the varied beauties of plants, trees, flowers.. She was living in a beautiful community living with lots of beautiful parks and colourful flowers all along. The colors varied from purple tubular flowers, the bright red hibiscus flowers, varieties of pink roses carrying in it the babies soft touch ( haha, even better is to say its softness is a little lesser than the softmess of Swamijis feet! Having touched Swamijis foot, i couldnt equate anything else to be as soft as His’)… Getting back to the beauty of the along side walking area, it was no less than a flower show. There were many other trees radiating its varities of greens as well. Altogether it was such a lovely treat for Jyothi’s eyes…Manmade cycles were also beautiful, humans riding it were also dancing with the pedals…
This continued for Jyothi everyday until one day, she questioned the activity of the rising sun and everything that happened…

Hey Sun, what is this play? You rise up every morning and settle in the evening. The whole of the earth survives because of you. Never do you take rest, may be you dont need it. But then,
“Is there something more to all this happening?”
I come to see you every morning. Actually you come to show you up. I understand all these are just my own thoughts and feelings. Yet, its because you rose up, i got all these sights, thoughts, feelings and infact life… But then,
“Is there something more to all this happening?”
Tell me Sun, did you rise or did i? may be not me, its your light and heat, that made this body rise up. So are you the source of my existence? Without you i would not have this world… Isnt it? Without you, the twinkling dew drops would lose its shine. Without you, the vibgyor wouldnt even exist. who are you really? Do you have any source to your existence? You radiate prickly heat and brightness in order for me to enjoy your reflections on all the other objects that i come across including me! Oh wait! Including ME! I see your shine on me. I see your shine on all the objects. I see you. I sleep, I wake up to the world of experiences for which you are the light. Who am I and what are you? Oh My God, without me, would i ever know of your existence, in facts would i even know anything without my existence… Before you rose, oh Sun, i am pretty sure i was there. You had only woken me up to the experiences. No no… you had sung a lullaby to make me sleep to the experiences. I actually missed to see me, my real self because of the experiences to which you had been the light. But i had been the Jyothi to the light you have. What a mystical play is this?! I am the source of my existence. My source is the same as that of others… Nope.. there is only one source.. As you rose up Oh Sun, my body/mind woke up…my reality, my source seemed to veil itself for me to experience everything in this so called body/mind. Oh Sun, so you woke up to make me sleep… I was in utter ignorance “..

Oh Suryadev,
All these years
I misconceived that you rose to wake me up!
Alas, You had only risen as a lullaby
To immerse me into the sleep of experiences.

Having understood the real Jyothi behind the Sun and everything, Jyothi played the game of sleep, dream and waking while she was all awake. She rose to eternity.

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