I woke up early today, washed my face and drank some water . It was 3:30 am and I was confused about what to do ! 

I pick some dust from my room to spend time , waiting for morning……

 I did many small tasks like cleaning , dusting, washing and other things but the time was moody . Time was moving with its speed and wish.  

It was 4:20 am on the clock, only 1 hour was spent. I thought let me do some more work , waiting for the morning …. 


 I cut some veggies for today’s breakfast: some carrot , onion, ginger , capsicum , mushroom for a tasty breakfast .  

 It was 4:50 am on the clock , 30 minutes were spent ,I had about 2 hours left for the morning . 


My husband woke up , it was time for him to go to Mandir for sewa . I got a chance to talk with him to spend time , but they left the home at 5:05 Am . 


Then I thought , Manorma ! Let me take a bath and do yoga . I took a bath and did yoga asana . I woke up my son and my daughter to join me . They both first say no to me and sleep , I switched on the lights and turned off the AC. They both woke up and joined me . 


We then did yoga in the morning and it was the first time we did yoga in the morning . Other days I only wake up and do yoga but this was the day when both my children joined me which makes my Sunday morning special and memorable . 


Thankful to my god who woke me up early which I thought was boring at first but makes my day better and refreshing .



Yours Manorma 🙏🏻


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