Yo people 😇 how you doing? Hope you doing great ❤️

See my mother is little superstitious and my father doesn’t believe in all this. And me, iam a combo of them. Sometime I will believe in some superstitions but sometime I won’t believe in them. 

So The story of the day is

Me and my mom were going somewhere. The road wasn’t crowded. And we were walking slowly. 

In the middle of the path we met our neighbours. I greeted her and stand beside them. And obviously mother was talking to her for quite looonnnggg time. 

We were close to our destination So I thought I should go ahead and wait for her there. And as soon as I took like 5 steps, a black cat crossed the road. I stopped there. I was like, I think I should wait. (stupid na. I know) 

But there was another man walking beside me. He also saw the cat crossing the road. But he didn’t stopped, he kept walking. 

Seeing him I thought to myself, ” why would you stop. These superstitions are stupid.”

So I again started walking ahead. And ‘BAAM’ I fell. I FELL. IN A PLAIN PATH I FELL SPRAINING my ankle ligament.

People around me came running towards me to help me. I was so embarrassed. People asking me if Iam oky. And iam telling everyone that iam good. But obviously I wasn’t. 😅

My mom also came running, asking if iam good. We told everyone that we are good and we slowly walked away. 

As we were out of people’s site. I told her about the cat and the man who walked ahead and nothing happened. 

My little superstitious mother said that I wasn’t careful enough that’s why this happened. 

Now I don’t know why this happened. Coz I wasn’t careful enough or I was believing some stupid superstition and all this happened subconsciously. 

I don’t know. And I our day to day life so many superstitious thing happens. 

From breaking of glass to twitching of eyes. From fear of 13 number to black cats. So many superstitions.

So the question of the day is are you superstitious or do you believe in superstitions??? Are they real? Or fake beliefs? Should we belive them or not? 

I wanna know your opinion. 

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