Suppose, if the tree had chosen to wander, 

and had moved with foot and wings!

It could have protected itself.

from the suffering of the axe blows

and wouldn’t have felt the pain of saws. 


But then why the sun had wandered, 

alone, away in every dark night,

how could we had the first ray of hope

that shone in our garden every morning. 


What if the river’s water

had not reached to the all of the fields, 

How could the plants be grown, 

just by streams and gentle rain?


A drop that has to leave its homeland, 

reached to river, sea and deep ocean,

It reached an oyster waiting, 

and turned into a pearl.


Had Iliyas not left his father,

in utmost pain, grief and despair, 

If had not gone to such a journey, 

How could have gained kingdom and fortune worldwide?


Had not the Muhammad traveled

to so far Medina ?

So could found a big kingdom

and blessed to rule a hundred lands.


Still you lack courage to step a foot?

You too have to traveled a long journey,

starting from your deep inside of self

just like a mine of diamond, 

you have to receive sunbeams. 


All the treasury of the world,

you will find out of your comfort zone. 

that will lead you to self transformation, 

and will turn you from dust to Pure Gold. 

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