I live in the southern part of the country, on the eastern coast. In a small quaint community of spiritual rebels, known as ‘Auroville’. Beach is just a few meters away, so surfing has become an accessible sport and a part of life. I am not a great swimmer, so instead of picking up Surfboard. I picked up Surf Kayaking, as you get to wear a life jacket. And my friend, an Irish LLI(last life Indian), has assured me, that I need one as I have Moon in the eighth house in my Kundli. As per Rishi Parsharji, there’s a strong possibility that I may die of drowning in water because of this positioning of Moon. Swamiji has said on multiple occasions, there are no uppay(solutions) in Astrology but he would agree in all fairness, I have found a smart bypass.


On a usual day, I am switching between two oceans, the Stock market & Bay of Bengal. I run a quantitative finance firm which means we deploy automated small boats and some-time ships into the markets. When I was a novice, I used to enter the markets & the sea in a way that there is no tomorrow. I wanted it all when I tasted little success, yet the opposite was becoming the unavoidable reality too. My little kayak would capsize more often then it’ll float. To stop the water from filling in the kayak, I am locked inside it all the time, so, whenever it capsizes, I have to eject myself and float till the shore. Empty the kayak from all the water, adjust my gear, and start all over again. People at the beach started pitying at me on my regular misadventures.

My quantitative finance firm was facing similar challenges and the ultimate doubt was always hanging. Is it even possible to crack the markets quantitatively or it’s just a myth? Or maybe we are not smart enough for it! Yet, we persevered, started understanding the waves of the market. And trust me, it’s no different than the sea. If you spend enough time with a keen mind, it’ll present you with visions.

With these insights and the earned skills, I kept getting better at the game. A calm sea and the usual waves, the usual markets, stops providing much fun. I started to wish for some volatility, some adrenaline rush.

We wait for cyclones, in the sea, and in the markets to present us big waves to ride on. As we have become big boys now. But the minute, I started assuming, I know this sea! I know how to surf here! Kaboom, the sea takes me in for a rollercoaster. I couldn’t even gather my hands to eject out. Forget about the peddle, the kayak, the sea has swallowed it all. I do find myself alive, churned out by the sea, to thank God and to share this experience.

Every time I touched upon a feeling ‘I know’, ‘I know this’, I have got everything under control. The sea and the markets throw surprises at me. Sea has humbled me, Sea has broken me up. Only through these broken pieces of my ego, I have learned to be appreciative and grateful. I no longer wish to own the sea. I just want to catch my wave, glide through it, or get beaten under it, nothing more. Sea, markets & the divine has humbled me. A sense of surrender has developed, I no longer look at the sea as a different entity. We have become one!

The reason my LLI(last-life Indian) friend knows so well about the moon in the eighth house is that he has got the same placement of the moon in his chart. He was surfing at our beach when the tsunami came. He held on to the coconut leaves, which were still attached to the coconut tree. With mild bruises, he survived, dozens lying dead around him. Yet, his argument is, he has got an exalted Moon in the eighth. Which negates all the bad effects of the eighth house. The only question remains between us is, whether his Kundli is stronger or my uppay(life jacket)? Let time or the next Black-Swan event, decide.

The sheer force in a wave is all a surfer has got. The wave lasts a minute or two, we too don’t last for long. Nothing remains on the face of the sea, just some volatility for a speck of time. Tomorrow, again a surfer would come, with ambitions and drive. Sea will offer the same gifts & wisdom to him too after some ego-crushing slaps.

So, let’s just enjoy this wave of life too, all we’ve got is it’s force, rest is unknown! Why try to own it, control it, or break ourselves trying to make sense of it?

Be out there, be vulnerable, surf, improvise, adjust, and start all over again!


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