Surrender - Never Ask Why....

There is a reason why something happens My Master
You know the truth and I still have to discover
Yet in surrender there is never a why in picture 
Your knowing conveys all is perfect now and forever 

This warmth is truly of a different kind
None but a surrendered heart can experience
Not a moment of doubt not a moment of despair
Every hurt has a soothing balm placed here 

All that I seek is let my surrender be complete
You compassion is the anchor it forever needs
May my being move towards this bliss immovable
Tie it to You eternally by Your acceptance and love 

( As the Universe starts taking care of little things for a surrendered heart, it slowly but surely graduates towards fearlessness. Ignoring the many little worries in dat to day life it is ready to face bigger challenges, for there is an unseen hand firmly holding it and assuring it of protection. The grip of this hand is felt in the deepest core of our heart and there is no comfort like it) 💗