Surrender! Hands up! Commonly we have heard these words in the movies, where the police usually force the villain to surrender. But I am not talking about that kind of forced surrender here. This is different – it’s a complete, trusted surrender arising from the heart with a total faith and belief in our revered ideal (could be God or a Guru).

Surrender doesn’t mean that my life will run according to my desires, but it means that I will have to learn to get along with life. It’s the recognizance that life will run its own course.

Many people believe that if they pray to some God, their wishes will be granted. This is not the way nature operates though, it can’t afford to for, we often wish for the wrong things.

We wish for certain outcomes without realizing the cost of these desires. We forget our choices are intricately linked to our fate, they shape our destiny. We only wish for the ‘good ‘things, seeing things we want to see.

Rather than aiming to be the person who will keep his partner happy, we wish for a person who will keep us happy. With time we change, and earlier things no longer make us happy or appeal to us. We then wish for another person or a better partner.

Rather than being content with what we have, we crave for more things. To acquire more things we work harder, often at the cost of our health and relationships. The quality of living may go up but the quality of life will go down and then we wonder why we are not happy?

Surrender means that I understand there are things outside my control and that I agree to let nature or God handle those things for me.

Surrendering doesn’t mean that no harm will come to me or everything will work out the way I envisage. It simply means that I accept the fact that there are numerous things that I don’t understand in the intricate working of nature and I am fine with it.

Surrender is not to please any God. It is simply to strengthen and purify ourselves. It is to lead a life of love and humility. Feelings of love directed at anyone we revere isSurrender.



Excerpted from     A Fistful of Wisdom by Om Swami


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